two shirtless men laughing with two women in bathing suits in front of colorful bungalow

Women & RSVP

There are some people who think RSVP is all about the men. They see our advertisements and think women are not a part of the RSVP cruise experience. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Women have been a very important part of RSVP since the very beginning. Typically, our cruises are about 10% women, but they are a BIG part of the fun and festivities aboard. Our gal pals are welcome to participate in all our activities and events. We even program special gatherings such as the “Women’s Cocktail Hour,” so our girls can meet other women onboard. Many of our female guests have traveled with us on multiple vacations. Most of them are couples, although a few single women travel with us, too.

Just take a look at our entertainment line-up and you can see we love having our female friends with us. Over the years, we have featured some of the hottest female entertainers, special guest speakers, and luminaries. We will continue to expand our future programs to include women and everyone in our community.

We believe in a community that reaches beyond the traditional boundaries of our local environments, and treat women with the same respect and courtesy we treat all our guests.

The women who do travel with us always have a great time. They’re welcome at all of our events and activities, and often end up being the stars of our games and shows. In addition, we host women’s get-togethers, dances, dinners, and other events throughout our vacations. And we’re always ready to respond to a suggestion or request.

If you’re ready for a week of fun that’s mostly men and welcoming to women, we’d love to have you along! However, if you’re looking for an all-women’s experience, we can highly recommend the Olivia family of vacations.