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As an RSVP Insider, is your place to share information, photos, videos, ideas, and friends from your recent and upcoming RSVP vacations. It’s your community – an easy place to connect with fellow travelers before your cruise or stay in touch long after your vacation ends. Shortly after booking with RSVP, you’ll receive an email invitation to join this community. If you haven’t yet received your invitation or you no longer have access to it, simply request another by sending us an email to

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If you have any questions about the site, check out the FAQs below for answers to themost common questions regarding

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Registration Issues

I did not receive an invitation to the alumni site after my last cruise.

Invitations are sent to the last email address we have on file. If your email address has changed, or you need another invitation, please email, and request another.

I've moved since my last RSVP vacation.

Use the online help form to inform us of your new address by clicking here.

Log In Issues

I try to log in, but nothing happens.

Our site uses "cookies" to indicate your login status. They are a very common function of web sites to manage information while you are visiting a particular site. The cookies that our site sets are deleted when you log out, or they expire within 24 hours if you just quit your browser or leave the site. No personal information is stored in them, just that you have logged into the site correctly.

You will not be able to access the site at all if you have cookies disabled or turned off in your browser preferences. You will be returned to the login screen with no error message. Depending upon your browser, you can either enable cookies for all sites, or just for particular ones. If you’re worried about cookies, you can enable them for this site only by allowing the domain “”.

I have forgotten my Login name or Password.

Go to the login page and find the link for “Lost your password?” Enter the email address you used to register and it will be sent to you automatically.

Usage Policy

What are the terms of use for the RSVP Cruisers area? is for the use of RSVP guests only. It is a friendly and welcoming place to exchange information and experiences from past and future RSVP vacations.

No commercial advertising or solicitation is allowed. Any such messages will be deleted and the poster warned. Repeated violations will result in removal from

How is my information used?

The only information available to other users of is your username and any information you provide in your profile. Email addresses are kept private. We provide a Private Message system in the forums to give users direct private access to each other without revealing either the sender’s or the recipient’s email address. RSVP Vacations uses your email address to update our master email mailing list only. We do not share your information with anybody. For more information, view our Privacy Policy.

I have received a reply or private message that I feel is inappropriate, what do I do?

You may contact us at and describe the issue. We will assess the situation and respond.